Disaster Recovery Solutions: RPO and RTO Explained by Our Managed IT Services Team in London

The average business is in desperate need of disaster recovery solutions. Though plenty of businesses have solid backup plans for IT, they do not have the right plan for restoration after a natural disaster, hack or another event. Those who have such a plan in place often lack the appropriate framework necessary to perform a timely and comprehensive restoration. If your organisation loses even a small percentage of important data, it should be considered a failure. Our managed IT services team in London is here to fully protect your critically important information to ensure a complete recovery.

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Avoid Permanent Data Loss

Those who analyse data loss are quick to point out the bulk of permanent data loss is attributable to the fact that data backups could not be recovered. Anything from a hardware outage to a natural disaster and hack has the potential to lead to such loss. Recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) are essential components of data recovery designed to help businesses bounce back and resume activity following a disaster.

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RPO is a reference to the point in time from which data must be recovered by way of backup storage in order for regular operations to continue after a network, system or computer goes down. RPO is measured in specific intervals, be it days, hours or minutes. The RPO details the amount of work that can be lost when important tech infrastructure fails and the proper frequency for the creation of data backups.

RTO identifies the maximum amount of acceptable time a computer system, application or network is allowed to be down following a failure. The length of time necessary to get a system back in operation hinges on the extent to which the interruption compromises regular operations as well as the revenue lost per unit time after the unexpected incident. Certain information archiving systems do not require an instantaneous RTO as their date is rarely used and unimportant for daily operational continuity. If you are confused by these terms, don't fret; our managed IT services team in London is here to help with all of your disaster recovery needs.

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Your Business Needs a Custom-Tailored Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery plans must be customised based on each unique business's information, needs, and other idiosyncratic factors. Some businesses will mandate a time-sensitive RPO compared to RTO. Each of these idiosyncratic factors must be reflected in the overarching disaster recovery strategy.

If your organisation does not have the proper disaster recovery solutions in place or if your solutions have not been updated in a while, it is time to take action. At Wem Technology, our managed IT services team in London can help implement the perfect disaster recovery solution for your unique organisation. Reach out to us to get the ball rolling on disaster recovery solutions tailored to your unique organisation.