Effective Patch Management with IT Support in London

If the sensitive data that your company holds is to remain safe and secure, IT support companies in London recommend that you update your systems with the latest patches and software fixes that are available. As hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in systems that have not been updated, it is also important that these fixes are applied throughout your infrastructure and as soon as possible.

This can be quite a burden for any IT department, so in order to help you, there are automated tools available that will apply necessary patches, alert you to any potential issues with your system, and let you know which the most urgent updates are.

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What is Patch Management?

Patches are software fixes that are sent out from manufacturers when they have identified vulnerabilities or bugs in their products. In order for hackers not to exploit these vulnerabilities within your company, it is vitally important that the patch is applied as soon as it is feasible to do so. This can cause problems as today’s workforce are often able to connect to a company’s systems with their own devices, particularly when working remotely. Identifying and patching every single piece of hardware wherever it is and at a time that doesn’t become an issue for the employee can be difficult to organise.

This is why it can be easier for IT support companies in London to implement an automated patch management tool that can do this for you. Not only can it save time, but it is extremely useful when it comes to employees that may be spread throughout the country or even in a different time zone, as it can automatically be scheduled for a time when their work will not be disrupted.

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Why is Patch Management Important?

Making sure that everything connected to your infrastructure has been patched with up-to-date fixes ensures that you have the highest protection for your sensitive data. Delaying updates can leave ways open that hackers and cybercriminals can exploit to access your systems, so timely updating is essential for maintaining security.

It is important to prioritise the many patches and fixes that you will be frequently supplied with. Critical systems should be pinpointed, and these should always have patches applied as soon as possible ensuring the vital parts of your infrastructure are protected as quickly as they can be.

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