Employ Dark Web Scanning to Protect Your Business and Data

Dark web scanning is the latest expert security approach that takes active steps to both defend your organisation against attacks by cybercriminals and make the strongest efforts to monitor for signs that your business may already have been compromised. By utilising this approach to digital security, you can guard against both the damage to your business and the loss or leakage of your data.

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Quick Briefing Note on the Dark Web

To understand what dark web scanning is and how it works, it helps to understand what the dark web is. The dark web is a ‘hidden’ area of the internet that most people don’t know exists and certainly don’t know how to access. It sits within a set of communication protocols that we originally created to help the US government secure the activities of its agents abroad. Encryption and anonymising tools give any individual a much greater ability to remain ‘hidden’. This ability can be lifesaving for freedom fighters, but it also helps criminals to avoid justice.

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Dark Web Scan

Scanning the dark web is a lot like having detectives, investigators, and informers running around on the streets. Using digital tools and sophisticated approaches, digital security teams scour the dark web, on the lookout for cybercriminals. Security operatives use manual activities and automated tools to probe for discussions of security vulnerabilities, proposals of hacking, and offers of stolen data, credentials (usernames/passwords), and unauthorised access to systems.

By integrating these security services into your London IT support strategy, you can enjoy a greater sense of confidence that you will know if there are problems with your system’s security. If, heaven forbid, your systems have been compromised, you find out sooner, rather than later, giving you more time to take remedial action, shut down servers, revoke access privileges, and formulate communications strategies that, if needed, can minimise the damage to your reputation.

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What is Scanned?

Scanning strategies survey all available areas of the dark web, including:

  • Dark web pages and blog sites
  • Bulletin boards and chat rooms
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing networks
  • Malware samples

Many of these hidden areas can only be properly accessed using sophisticated methodologies. Clumsy attempts can warn the denizens of these shadowy hangouts. It takes expertise and skill to manage dark web scanning effectively. If you would like to learn more about this security resource, get in touch with us at Wem Technology today.