Endpoint Security and Managed I.T. Services in London

One of the top reasons businesses have gravitated toward managed I.T. services in London is to ensure smooth remote access capabilities. Due to the emphasis on endpoints such as laptops and smartphones, it's imperative for the I.T. team to take proactive steps toward endpoint security. Here are important points to remember when running a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplace environment:

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When Security Is Ignored

One of the worst mistakes a business can make is to ignore the various levels of security necessary to protect hardware and software. In the case of computer networks, all it takes is one machine to get infected with malware for chaos and disruption to spread throughout the network. Many times malware is unleashed from employees falling for a hacker's email prank. A proactive I.T. team reminds managers they need to train employees to spot suspicious emails.

The BYOD policy works only if you use an I.T. team that regularly monitors your network. The continuous monitoring gives your company the ability to spot and block unwanted visitors to your network. In order to execute a successful BYOD environment, you need additional layers of security such as encryption and strong passwords.

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Seek Private Solutions

Your managed I.T. services team in London should direct your business away from using a public WiFi, which is not secure. Hackers prey upon public WiFi settings, such as coffee shops, to spy on computers. So for business use, it's usually best to use a private network and storage system that you control. If you do decide to use public WiFi, make sure that you avoid delivering confidential information and that your usage is limited. You should also avoid transmitting sensitive data when using a third-party computer, such as a hotel.

Another security measure that should be considered is avoid giving out information through browser-based cookies. Be aware of apps that collect information about you or your company.

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Build Strong Data Protection

Today, there is no excuse for a company to lose all of its data in any type of disaster since there are so many choices on how to back up all critical data. As long as your I.T. team regularly backs up your data, you won't have to worry about data loss from any type of issue since there will be duplicates of all files.

Data protection must be further ensured with a disaster recovery plan. This plan defines what your company will do in the event of an emergency or when you need to switch servers.


A managed I.T. services provider in London like Wem Technology can restore business activity whenever there's a disruption. Learn more about data protection.