E-Mail, Company Contacts and Shared Calendars on any device, anywhere. Hosted in the UK 24/7


Frrustrated having to remote in to your office PC to pick up your email or find a contact? You could now have Access to your e-mail, calendar and contacts from anywhere and on your smartphone.

Remain “in the loop” with your business partners and clients whereever you are working today. Never lose your contacts, impress clients with your responses and book appointments with confidence.

What would you do if your in-house e-mail server failed and erased your messages?
Hosted Exchange automatically backs up and archives your emails.

Software, hardware or maintenance costs getting out of control?
You don’t have to purchase the hardware and software, nor do you have to maintain the system. This is all included in a very low monthly fee.

Slow, unreliable email server stopping you working efficiently?
The Hosted Exchange platforms we provide our clients are high-performance systems with multiple “fail-over” backup servers, maintained and monitored like the Crown Jewels. Your in-house network could go down and you’d still have access to your e-mail, contacts and calendar.

Constantly worried company information could be compromised?
Full Anti-spam and anti-virus protection is included

Would your productivity grind to a halt if your e-mail communications were cut-off for any time at all?
Cloud based e-mail eliminates e-mail downtime, slow performance and annoying spam messages. Designed to perfectly compliment yor network or be independent of your other IT systems. It is quick-to-deploy, simple-to- manage and easy to expand. Instead of purchasing and maintaining your e-mail in house which can be costly and time consuming, your e-mail server is hosted (and maintained) in a high-performance, high-security hosting environment “in the cloud” where you can access it securely from any device or PC. Best of all, you don’t have to make any changes in HOW you access your e-mail – your messages will simply be delivered to your inbox, phone or other device faster and with fewer issues, and will always be synchronised and up-to-date!

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