A highly cost effective communication platform suitable for any enterprise.

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Ultra-secure multiple email addresses, shared calendars and all your contacts in one place via familiar Outlook on your PC’s and fully integrated with your smartphone. You will always be connected to your communications hub wherever you are doing business. Designed to perfectly compliment your network, or be independent of your other IT systems. the cost of server ownership is removed and your carbon footprint is reduced. Hosted Exchange is quick-to-deploy, simple-to-manage and easy to expand.

Businesses are moving to Hosted Email, Staff Calendars and Contacts:

Increased productivity and customer satisfaction
Anywhere anytime access to your Outlook email, contacts and calendars allowing you to stay up-to-date with your business, keep in touch with customers, monitor colleague’s tasks, know when they are free for meetings and share vital contact information.

Reduced costs
By replacing capital expenditure on hardware, storage, back-up, racks, licensing and maintenance with a service that manages your e-mail for a simple, predictable, per-user monthly fee.

Easily scalable
Add and remove users, scaling up or down as your business requires, ensuring you only pay when your staff actually need the system.

Experienced support

Support when you need it and lower costs when you don’t. Bespoke support plans and assistance with the migration from your own server is also available.

Lower technical burden on your IT staff

Let them concentrate on important issues, not on the routine administration and maintenance of your communications hub. We have the expertise and experience to take care of the maintenance, upgrade and patching that is normally required when operating a Microsoft Exchange server.

Improved security

With added virus and spam protection. data security and business continuity is improved as your data is held off-site in secure 24-hour monitored data centres. Data is automatically backed up and optionally archived to meet your full compliance obligations.

Reduced carbon footprint

Our state of the art data centres are configured to be more energy efficient than a number of distributed servers across several locations.

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