Faster Internet Connections – How To Control Social Media Use In Your Business

Right Now, Are You Paying 90% Of Your Employees A ‘Bonus’ To Download Porn, Search For Another Job, And Infect Your Network With Viruses?

This could be slowing down your internet connection and disrupting your business.

Just Take A Look At These Alarming Findings:
  • Most employees who use the Internet are fully aware that they are consuming valuable bandwidth and hampering critical business activities with inappropriate Internet usage – but do it anyway.
  • 87% of all viruses enter a company network via e-mail. Employees using free web-based e-mail services like Hotmail and Yahoo can unknowingly introduce dangerous viruses by circumventing your company’s virus scanning software at the gateway.
  • Most of all grubby Internet traffic occurs during the 9-to-5 workday
  • Nearly a third of employees accidentally or intentionally send confidential information and trade secrets outside of their organisation.
Small to mid-size companies are more vulnerable to these threats because most don’t have the staff or in-house expertise to prevent such catastrophes.

A Web And E-mail Usage Audit Will Instantly Reveal If You Have A Problem



Resolve any problems quickly with clear easy to read reports that pinpoint where attention is required.

What to do next

If you use Dell SonicWALL firewalls call 020 8740 6000 or send us your name and email address. We can then remotely activate an upgraded audit report function.
Alternatively, call 020 8740 6000 or send us your name and email address to rent a device that we will install for you to receive the audit reports.


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