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Secure, File Sync and Share for your files and folders across any device, anywhere!

AutoTask Workplace - A File Sync and share solution built for your business.

An enterprise-grade File Sync and Share (FSS) solution purpose built for your business

Your File Sync and Share (FSS) solution should provide the security, mobility, and control your organization needs to feel confident when accessing and sharing critical business information and collaborating amongst internal and third-party team members. In today’s interconnected world, security is the number one concern. Are you taking all the necessary measures to protect your company’s sensitive files and data against a possible security breach? Are your employees deploying consumer grade FSS solutions without the knowledge and standards of your technology team and leadership?
According to Globalscape, ‘45% of businesses use “consumer cloud” sites…to share sensitive business information’. If this is happening in your organization, then you are at risk. Autotask Workplace™ (AWP) is a proven FSS solution built for the needs of today’s mobile business environment and focuses on three pillars of unprecedented strength:

Mobility and Accessibility

AWP is helping organizations of all sizes fully exploit the power of its laptops and smart devices.
  • Transform tablets and smartphones into reliable alternatives to getting business done.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to current versions of business content empowers good decisions.

Business Collaboration

AWP is flexible and open, designed for the specific needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes where control and management of cloud services is critical to maintaining business operations.
  • With AWP’s policy-based controls, you can provide secure access for employees and outside resources to work together on projects.
  • AWP takes collaboration to a whole new level with real-time access and editing capabilities.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Critical business content needs to be secure at all times.

  • AWP is an enterprise-grade cloud based service that has 99.9% uptime with stringent levels of security certifications including HIPAA, SSAE-16 and SOC1 Type II
  • With geo-redundant data centers in North America, Europe, Australia and Canada, Autotask adheres to local regulations for data in major regions of the world.

Making it easy and efficient to access and manage your data with these components:

Workplace Server

Workplace Server bridges the gap and syncs between in-house File Servers and Remote Workers.

Workplace Online

AWP’s browser independent web interface provides access to administrative functions as well as secure access to files and folders stored and shared via the AWP service.

Workplace Desktop for Windows and Mac

The desktop agent runs silently in the background, ensuring the latest versions of selected files and folders are synced and backed up to the AWP cloud and made available to you and team members from any approved device.

Workplace Mobile for iOS and Android

Our award-winning Mobile App provides secure access to files and folders synced to the AWP service. Use the built-in editor to modify files and ensure security while being mobile.


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