Five Benefits of Office 365 Migration in London

There is no better way to increase your business communication and productivity than adopting new technology. Office 365 migration in London is one way to ensure your business has access to the right tools to enhance those two features. Moreover, Office 365 is regularly updated to ensure security and help you meet compliance standards. Here are five benefits that will prompt you to visit one of the London IT companies and subscribe to Office 365:


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Enhanced Communication

Unlike old times when emails were mostly used as a form of communication within an organisation, Office 365 comes with instant messaging tools. For instance, there is Skype and Yammer which make it easy for workers who operate remotely. With Skype video call, you can hold meetings online with employees and shareholders from all over the world and engage in a real-time brainstorm.

Can Connect Unlimited Devices

Office 365 migration in London is now better in that you can connect unlimited devices unlike previously where you were limited to 10 devices. This new feature allows large businesses to enjoy the benefits of the Office 365 suite.


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Enhanced Accessibility

One favourable feature of Office 365 is SharePoint. It allows you to work on a file remotely and then share it with choose individuals within your company. This means intended individuals can view the most up-to-date document without necessarily sharing it back and forth through emails. SharePoint also allows you to select who can view shared documents hence increasing the security of your critical information. As a plus, Office 365 can be used in multiple devices ranging from your phone to computer. This means your employees can work on an assignment from anywhere, hence increasing their productivity.

Improved Collaboration Among Employees

Office 365 suite is loaded with features such as SharePoint and OneDrive that make it easier for your business to create and share information from one place. Internal communication is further enhanced by Microsoft Team, a feature that you can customise to meet your specific business needs.


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Helps Reduce Cost

SharePoint and OneDrive features make Office 365 cost effective since you have all your business documents stored in one cloud account. Such an account is easy to manage hence cutting on cost spent on fixing any errors that may arise.

Office 365 offers features that supersede old Microsoft office. To help you enjoy these features and enhance your employees’ productivity and user experience, contact us at Wem Technology today. To read more about Office 365 migration in London, click this link: