Hacking Prevention and Dark Web Scanning Tips

Hackers are constantly on the prowl for vulnerable prey. If your organisation does not take the proper precautions in the form of online hacking prevention strategies and dark web scanning, you could be added to the list of victims. Let's take a quick look at a few tips to help prevent a potentially devastating hack.

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Back Up Your Data with Regularity

Your data must be backed up at regular intervals. Otherwise, you run the risk of an online hack pilfering your data and leaving you empty-handed and wondering how to explain this unfortunate event to your clients. Our managed IT services team in London can help you implement the ideal data backup system for the utmost security and reliability. Above all, it is imperative you store a copy of your company's data at an offsite location. This backup is physically separated just in case there is a malware infection or a burglary at your headquarters.

Password Security

Too many people use simple passwords assuming they will never be targeted by hackers. Passwords should not be words found in the dictionary or numbers/letters in sequential order. Every password should include a special character, a number, and a capitalised letter. Every account should have a unique password so data is not exposed in the event a single account is breached. Furthermore, passwords should be changed at least once every two months.

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Discourage Employees from Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are certainly convenient, yet the data transmitted over these connections can be seen by others. Make sure your team knows they should strictly conduct business on private, well-protected networks. Sadly, hackers really will go as far as setting up hotspots, naming it with what seems like a legitimate moniker for a Wi-Fi network and subsequently stealing all the data transmitted across it.

Make Use of Firewalls, Anti-Spyware, and Antivirus Protections

Firewalls are virtual security guards of sorts. This barrier blocks your computers from unauthorised users or programs attempting to infiltrate by way of the internet connection. If there are unauthorised attempts to access the system, your firewall will notify you right away.

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Antivirus protection also plays an important role in protecting against cyber attacks. Though some such programs can slightly slow computer performance, they are an essential line of defence. Anti-spyware software thwarts spyware that snoops on you as you use your computer. Make use of dark web scanning, anti-spyware protection, and antivirus programs and you will rest easy knowing your data is fully protected from the web's evildoers.

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