Why Healthcare Organisations Need a Managed I.T. Services Provider in London

The medical industry, more than almost any other field, should work with a managed I.T. services provider in London. This relationship is necessary due to the rising incidents of cybersecurity breaches around the world. Here are important points healthcare organisations should remember to ensure the privacy of patients is well-protected:

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Growing Concerns for Small Businesses

Several large entities have suffered major breaches in recent years, with one of the most high-profile being Equifax. While it's possible for large companies to overcome such fiascos, it's not as easy for small businesses to survive such a disaster. A small company that lacks sufficient capital and legal advisors can collapse overnight from a ransomware or other malware attack.

Healthcare operations face much stricter scrutiny than other types of businesses due to the high volume of sensitive information it handles. That's why it's important for such entities to surround themselves with technology experts who keep up with cybersecurity news and trends. Firms that still use Windows XP, in which support has expired, are quite vulnerable since hackers prey upon old systems that can no longer be patched by Microsoft.

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How Hospitals Block Hackers

A hospital simply cannot afford a massive cybersecurity breach, which may lead to countless lawsuits, so it needs special robust software, such as practice management (PM) software and electronic health records (EHR). It's crucial to choose an appropriate combination, along with the right PACs. You must build a solid brick wall around digital assets with multi-layered security. Without at least a dozen layers of security, your system is vulnerable to the most sophisticated hackers who continue to find new ways around complex security.

Outsourcing to an experienced managed I.T. services provider in London will not only put you in touch with a highly trained technical team, it will also allow you to concentrate on your business. Companies that only rely on anti-virus software or no protection at all are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. An I.T. team can help you train management and employees to spot suspicious emails and use complicated passwords. Other forms of effective protection, when used collectively, include virtualisation, firewalls, and encryption.

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Another benefit to working with an MSP is access to 24/7 tech support. In the big picture, a managed I.T. service team evaluates an entire infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and correct them as proactive maintenance. They also back up data and provide advice on technology.

Healthcare organisations must avoid operating without reliable a managed I.T. services provider in London these days due to the increasing rate of cybercrime. Visit Wem Technology to learn more about how we can protect your confidential healthcare data.