Healthy Steps to Office 365 Migration in London

When it comes to Office 365 migration in London, achieving a successful move to managed IT services is like most big IT projects: gathering requirements, planning, staging, testing, roll-backs (if needed), and follow-up. There is no need for mystery and magic--- just basic preparation and methodical practices.

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Understand User Needs

Nothing is more important for migrating to cloud-based services than understanding the needs of your users. Don’t simply think you’ll aim to replicate things in the cloud exactly the same way you have them on-site. If anything, aim to exploit the differences (sometimes subtle, sometimes more drastic) in cloud-based computing to your advantage, wherever possible. By asking yourself how you can solve your users’ problems using the particular characteristics of a Software as a Service deployment, you can both strengthen your services and avoid problems.


Having gathered your requirements and determined how the functionality your users require can best be delivered with Office 365 and managed IT services, you can set about the vital function of planning the migration. Planning the migration--- and how you’ll handle any possible problems--- is critical.

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Manageable Chunks

Speak to your managed IT services provider. Your provider will have a deep understanding of both the functionality of their SaaS and experience with Office 365 migration in London. Break your migration down into manageable chunks. By avoiding a single ‘big switch’ event, you’ll avoid the risk of your users being left with no tools for performing their jobs. With each smaller segment of the migration, your team and your partners will gain more understanding of the particular attributes of your migration.


At each step of your planned process, such as achieving one of your manageable chunks, stop and review how that stage of the migration went. Use the experience gained to feedback into your existing plan. Don’t be afraid to change your plan now, based on findings at each step. Every migration is different, and you can’t always see the complete picture at the outset.

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Maximise Your Partnership

The managed IT services partner you want to use deals with things like cloud computing and Office 365 migration London on a daily basis. Use your partner’s expertise and skills to help facilitate a smooth move for your computing needs. Include your SaaS partner in your discussions from an early stage. They’ll be able to highlight areas you generally want to focus on and could well spot possible problems, giving you plenty of time to avoid them.

Embrace the Opportunity

At Wem Technology, we understand how Office 365 migration in London can be an awesome opportunity to take your systems to the next level. Get in touch today to learn more.