Have You Heard of These Benefits of the Cloud Versus Technology On-Premises?

Without a doubt, there are many attractions to technology on-premises. For some situations, on-premises is the best. And certainly, in the past, it was hard to argue against it. But have you heard about some of these benefits from cloud computing?

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The Power of the Collective Development

When IT is built and provided on-premises, you don’t need to seek assistance from the rest of the world. With cloud computing, however, you can often benefit from the power of collective development. Many of the tools and platforms have been developed using collaborative approaches, with team members around the world.

On top of that, cloud-hosted enterprise platforms often enjoy feedback, feature requests, and the learning that inevitably comes from support requests. At both the platform development and I.T. support London levels, the tools your organisation access in the cloud could well be improved, thanks to the needs of other users. Your provider’s engineers may well learn new approaches, remediate issues, and upgrade systems as a result of other customers’ experience in ways that benefit you.

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Wider Pools of Talent

When you depend on technology on-premises, you typically depend on staffing and skills from your local area. On the other hand, with the cloud, you can enjoy technologies that are supported by talent around the world. That’s the indirect benefit.

Directly, however, cloud platforms open up a literal world of talent. Your organisation can search for, recruit, and enjoy the output of high-quality staff that don't have to be tethered geographically to your premises.

Mobility Boon

Related to the talent point above is the increased mobility provided by cloud computing. With support for a wide range of devices and mobile tools, cloud platforms typically release your staff from their desks. Sales teams, engineers, and executives can easily access their systems on the road, losing less time. Improved channels of communication can even help to reduce the amount of travel your people need to undertake, leaving them with more time and energy for valuable work.

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IT Resources Management

Cloud platforms are often focused on one big task— reducing the various costs of IT resources. Whether it’s the cost of recruiting and maintaining in-house IT staff or the management headaches of ensuring your IT teams and systems are stable, the cloud is a major boon for most organisations.

In many cases, dedicated IT support is packaged with your cloud software, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. This frees up your existing IT resources for more valuable tasks.

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