The Hidden Costs Associated with Technology On-Premises

Having all your technology on-premises is how most companies start. Unfortunately, as your business grows it can become untenable both in terms of cost and time spent in support and maintenance. Have you noticed that more and more of your competitors are moving their systems over to the cloud, and have you ever considered it for yourself? The reality is, keeping all your software and hardware in-house is likely to be costing you more than you think.

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What Are the Hidden Costs?

Hardware and Maintenance

Keeping your technology on-premises has an associated cost right from the beginning with the initial capital expenditure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there as you have to budget for maintenance and support should anything go wrong with any of your resources. Extra costs for overtime or emergency callouts can skyrocket particularly as equipment ages, and as the IT industry tends to move forward very quickly it isn’t long before new, faster technologies need to be considered. Old, outdated equipment can be very costly and time-consuming to support.

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When any resources break down or require emergency maintenance, your whole infrastructure can become unavailable for considerable amounts of time. If you can schedule any of these overnight you might not notice too much, but unfortunately, breakdowns often happen when you are least expecting them and when they create the maximum amount of disruption. If you are considering a move to the cloud, the providers ensure that their equipment is very up to date and any issues will not affect system availability.

Security Issues

Keeping your sensitive data safe can really cost excessive amounts, particularly when it comes to antivirus software that has to be installed, maintaining firewalls, and carrying out frequent backups. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the employee cost of keeping your infrastructure up to date with patches and fixes. The time it takes for your employees to identify which parts of your system need to have which patches and fixes applied, and then actually implementing the new software, can be considerable. The cloud, however, takes care of this automatically for you so your staff can go back to doing what they were employed for with the knowledge that your data and systems are completely safe and secure.

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If you are worried that your reliance on technology on-premises is costing you more than it should or taking up too much of your time, you should get in touch with an IT company in London like Wem Technology. Contact us today and let our IT experts explain more about whether a move to the cloud is the right one for you and if it could benefit your business.