How London IT Consulting Experts Help Block Phishing Attacks

A versatile and forward-thinking London IT consulting team acts as a mentor to a business to ensure that a network is safe from phishing attacks. Malware is often unleashed through employee clicks in emails that should have been flagged for suspicion. Here are techniques that professional IT teams teach in their cybersecurity training programs:

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Identifying Typical Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks involve hackers who use social engineering techniques to fool company employees into clicking malicious links or giving out confidential data. Phishing attacks are often planned over a time frame spanning several months. It's common for the attacker to try to develop friendships through email, which can let down the guard of an employee. After establishing a trusting email relationship over time, the attacker then starts to set traps for collecting information or directing attention.

A proactive London IT consulting team knows that network safety depends on the degree to which employees are educated on cybersecurity. Cybersecurity experts point out that many phishing scams rely on attackers imitating popular brands and using nearly identical domains except for one character.

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A more sophisticated attacker that is harder to detect is one that uses a free phishing kit downloaded from dark web sites. These kits provide hackers with tools such as email and code. But these days, hackers don't even have to know code if they use a black-market solution such as Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). This dark web service allows cybercriminals to create their own virus for a ransomware attack. Phishing-as-a-Service (PHaaS) is a similar service that facilitates phishing attacks without technical knowledge.

Protecting Confidential Information

The most dangerous cybercriminals are after financial information, such as bank account numbers and corresponding security-related information. These cybercriminals can be blocked if you surround your business with a team of technical experts who understand multi-layer security. Your IT team should establish a disaster recovery plan to make sure your company is prepared for any disruptive disaster. This backup plan should specify a backup server and its location. Ideally, you will have at least one backup server offsite.

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Making regular backups of data and applications is the key to resilience against hackers. Backup servers help a company maintain business continuity while maintenance is conducted on the main server.

Selecting a seasoned London IT consulting team to help guard against phishing attacks is a wise move. Your IT team can advise staff members to be alert for imposters and implement 24/7 monitoring that detects and blocks attackers. Contact us to learn more about protecting the privacy of your customers.