How a London IT Consulting Firm Can Keep Your Data Safe with IAM

Today, every business must do what a London IT consulting firm does to ensure the most reliable level of data protection. Using a system known as "Identity and Access Management" (IAM), it's possible to create a safe business technology environment that is too difficult for most cybercriminals to penetrate.

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IAM Capabilities

An experienced managed IT services team in London uses the IAM system for securing, storing and managing user identities along with configurations on how they can access online resources. The system is designed to identify and authenticate users and only provide access to certain applications. Widely used IAM strategies include single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) due to the flexibility of providing access from any location. The IAM system can automate various steps to validating identity, which helps reduce labour costs associated with security. Ultimately, this solution is convenient and user-friendly.

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Identifying Network Users and Determining Access Privileges

One of the most important tasks for a London IT consulting firm is to oversee a client's network and detect suspicious activity early. Now that the cloud is becoming part of the business establishment, emphasis on cybersecurity must now include identifying visitors to your network. Ideally, employees, customers, and partners should have their own accounts they can access. The IAM system limits access for each user depending on roles set as part of a data protection policy.

While it's crucial to limit resources based on user roles, it's also important to allow for a certain amount of flexibility for employees. Rigid systems with limited access can create frustration in the workplace, so it's helpful to give employees access to various privileges that improve productivity. Today's centralised enterprise management systems come equipped with tools that allow you to blacklist certain websites and applications that might either associate with malicious links or copyright infringement. You may also want to blacklist certain social networks that are known to be counter-productive for employees.

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The use of SSO and MFA allows employees to not worry about remembering multiple passwords. Access is granted by proving user identity with evidence-based authorisation such as providing a secret answer to a pre-determined security question. The system encompasses advanced encryption tools for increased data protection.

Turning to a London IT consulting company like Wem Technology can help simplify the growing need for business management systems that allow for configuring employee access privileges. Visit to learn more about how to make your business network safer.