How Managed I.T. Services Providers in London Handle Backups

Making backups on a regular basis is key to data protection, which is why many businesses outsource to managed I.T. services providers in London. The work is so redundant that it is best executed by specialists who don't cut corners on quality. Here are crucial ways that an I.T. team can help keep your data safe:

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How Backups Keep Businesses Alive

Simply by making regular backups alone, your managed I.T. services provider in London helps preserve your files regardless of how severe a disaster might be that affects your operation. Ideally, your files are backed up in at least three different places with one being off-site. This thinking always assures that you will have access to your most important data even in a power outage.

Companies that fail to make regular backups run the risk of losing data in hardware failure or other disruptions. By keeping fresh backups, you won't have to worry about dealing with a cybercriminal over a ransomware attack. You also won't have to worry about downtime if you've worked out a carefully planned disaster recovery plan.

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Keys to Modern Data Protection

Data protection has become much more sophisticated in recent years than just relying on antivirus software. With the rise in cybercrime, security systems have become more multi-layered. These layers include virtualisation, firewalls, and encryption. Each of these security layers serves the purpose of slowing down hackers. Virtualisation, for example, compartmentalises network segments so that hackers only have limited access to resources.

Another layer of data protection is training employees on how to avoid ransomware attackers who prey upon novices through phishing schemes. These schemes tend to be easy to spot because they involve impersonating famous brands.

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The Need for Data Testing

Your I.T. team should handle a wide variety of activities to ensure you always have access to functional files. In addition to making backups, your I.T. technicians should also test files to make sure you don't end up with corrupt files in your system. Regular testing is a form of proactive maintenance since it helps eliminate surprises that can slow down workflow. The more your team can spot vulnerabilities in your system, the more it will improve productivity.

Working with managed I.T. services experts in London will help eliminate redundant but essential work such as data backup and testing. Visit Wem Technology to learn more about making your data as safe as possible so that you can focus on your core business.