How to Get the Most Out of Cloud Services in London

The average business owner or manager relies on the public cloud to minimise IT work and avoid paying for on-site servers. However, the cloud has some unique management challenges ranging from workload issues to unexpectedly high costs and beyond. Prepping a hybrid cloud for use across posterity also poses distinct challenges to boot. Our cloud services experts in London are here to help you obtain maximum value from the cloud

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How to Manage an Ever-Evolving Cloud Environment

Cloud workloads do not stay the same across posterity. Such workloads change over time. If your business gets the sizing and placement of workloads right amidst migration, demands are likely to change sooner rather than later. As a result, most managers consider making a change after 6-12 months pass. As an example, an environment without servers might prove better than relying on an Infrastructure as a Service cloud for a current workload.

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Organisations should not use the cloud to form a duplicate of the current environment. Businesses must also look to make the most of the public cloud in order to continue innovating. As an example, more and more businesses are using containers that do not require any sort of guest operating system. The result is enhanced efficiency and an easier transition to a new environment than would be possible with conventional applications.

The Most Bang for Your Buck

Companies handling a cloud migration on their own tend to be quite surprised when the bill shows up. "Lifting and shifting" is easier said than done. Furthermore, it is not prudent to completely copy the on-site resources in a public cloud in full. The on-site infrastructure was likely used insufficiently. If the same mistakes are made on the cloud, there will be unnecessary costs. There is no sense paying your hard-earned money for infrastructure your team does not actually require. IT companies in London can help you secure the cloud resources necessary prior to the actual migration.

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Most companies spend in excess after losing track of the resources operating in the cloud. Failing to turn off cloud servers will lead to a larger than necessary bill as resources continue to run that are not actually in use. Lean on our cloud services team in London for assistance and we will help you establish the proper account profiles, so you know exactly who used specific cloud resources. You will also benefit from knowing what those resources were used for.

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