How to Protect Your Business with Dark Web Scanning

Businesses should be aware of dark web scanning as a solution to protect against cybercriminals. The dark web is where hackers pursue malicious goals, many times against vulnerable enterprises. Here's a look at the darkest, most hidden parts of the internet where cybercrime takes place and the concerns your business should have about them.

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Deep Web vs Dark Web

It's easy to get the deep web mixed up with the dark web because both seem so underground. Everything that's indexed by search engines is called the surface web. The deep web consists of online pages that are not indexed by search engines. Due to these pages being invisible to search bots, they don't appear in search results.

Since most website discovery is through search engines, finding deep web pages comes down to knowing the exact URL or coming across a link to it on another site.

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The deep web is actually home to many legitimate web pages that simply were not meant to be indexed. The dark web exists as a deeper layer more hidden from the mainstream, while it's considered a subset of the deep web. The focus of the dark web, however, is on illegal transactions such as selling banned drugs, firearms, confidential information or hacking tools. It's a place to find 3D printing blueprints that are otherwise unavailable.

The shadier side of the dark web involves the exchange of just about any product or service you can think of that's illegal. It may include torture videos, marketplaces for hitmen or a place that distributes dangerous propaganda that promotes hate groups.

What to Know About the Hidden Internet

It's not necessarily illegal to access the dark web, as it's regularly used by law enforcement to track down cybercriminals. The Silk Road hub is a marketplace within the dark web. Even though it's been shut down by authorities a few times in the past, hackers have found ways to bring it back, at least temporarily. There are also many smaller black-market hubs like it throughout the dark web. The shadiest layer is called the shadow web. One way a business can protect itself against these cybercriminals is to use a dark web scanning service through London IT companies.

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The deep web is simply the part of the web that isn't indexed by search engines, whereas the dark web is the section of this group of sites that facilitates illegal activities. By using dark web scanning tools, you can make sure your confidential information isn't being sold on the dark web. Contact us at Wem Technology to learn more about protecting your firm from identity theft.