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Hybrid IAAS


Extend Your IT Infrastructure to the Cloud!

HAVE YOU HEARD? Hybrid IT infrastructures are growing in popularity. Recent studies show that 42% of organizations now include a hybrid solution in their cloud strategy, with a forecasted increase of 55% in the next five years.
It’s easy to see why: today’s organizations require a flexible IT infrastructure that can scale on demand, and a hybrid cloud makes it quick and easy to access additional IT resources whenever you need them—helping you keep pace with changing business requirements.

Why Wem Technology is the Right Choice for Your Hybrid IaaS Infrastructure

Interested in a hybrid IaaS solution? Our Microsoft hybrid cloud-based offering provides you with simple, reliable hybrid infrastructure as a service:
Scalable, cost effective solution. Our hybrid IaaS infrastructure allows you to scale resources up or down as needed—in minutes. And with our pay-as-you-go pricing model, you pay only for those resources you consume—with no capital expenses.
Simplicity. Familiar tools, a common platform, and a 360-degree view of your entire IT infrastructure make our hosted environment easy to use and manage.
Security. You retain full control of your entire IT infrastructure, no matter where it resides.
Proactive IT. Our hybrid IaaS lets you focus valuable IT resources on supporting core business activities, instead of managing hardware in a wholly on-premises infrastructure.

Services Available to Help You Move to The Cloud

Cloud Readiness Assessments
Solution Analysis, Scope, & Design
Data Architecture Design
Cloud TCO and ROI analysis
Business Opportunity Identification
Systems Integration
Data center Migration
Backup and Disaster Recovery
App re-platform
Deployment Services
Migrate viable workloads to Azure
Optimize workloads running in hybrid and public cloud environments
Help with staging, testing, and validation before moving production environments to Azure
Help Desk and Support
User Rights & Account Management
Proactive monitoring
Health Checks
Security Management & Identity Protection
Virtual Machine Management & Upgrading
Billing Management
Capacity Planning


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