Implementing Cloud Collaboration with Managed Services London

It's very common today for businesses of all sizes to have employees working all over the world. Remote work is common, and it's easier than ever for businesses to open new office locations as well. While this is incredible for productivity and company growth, many businesses don't know where to start when it comes to collaborative solutions. Managed services in London can help you transition to a cloud-based system, so your employees can fully collaborate wherever they are in the world.

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Why the Cloud?

If you've never used cloud technologies before, it can be very daunting to switch at this point. However, cloud technologies provide clear advantages for collaboration over their legacy counterparts. They are very user-friendly, and a provider of managed services in London can offer training solutions to help get every employee up to speed quickly. These cloud programs are light and agile, meaning that employees can collaborate in real time with service anywhere there's an internet connection. These programs are also encrypted and securely monitored, so you don't have to worry about compromising security to implement cloud solutions at your company.

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Another reason many companies are opting to move to the cloud is because these programs just offer so many more collaboration options than their predecessors. You have the option to edit documents together in real time, communicate via multimedia-friendly instant messaging systems, and even chat with coworkers via voice or video.

Cloud software can also help you maintain productivity without driving costs up. In fact, most cloud programs are more affordable than comparable legacy solutions. Many cloud programs and the IT companies that work with them also offer a scaled pricing model, so you are charged based on the services you are actually using, with the option to add or take away services as desired. This is particularly important for large or growing companies with employees all over the world, as the cost of collaboration services that don't use the cloud can rise quickly when you have hundreds of users that require login access.

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Wem Technology is one of the leading providers of managed services in London, and we offer a wide range of cloud programming and solutions for our clients. We can help you transition from your current system to a more affordable and user-friendly cloud program, so your employees can collaborate anywhere in the world. Contact us today to learn more about the cloud solutions we have available, or you can also read our blogs here!