Why You Should Invest in Dark Web Scan

Whenever we hear news on cyber attacks, big companies are usually the culprits. However, the sad truth is that no business, big or small, is immune to these attacks. The only reason attacks on big companies such as Uber and Equifax are given much attention is because millions of user accounts are compromised. These massive attacks also subject countless number of users to risk of identity theft. Small businesses are not immune to these attacks and hence the need to carry out a dark web scan.

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Even for the most knowledgeable security administrators, it is hard to monitor already stolen data, hence criminals end up selling it on the dark web. To prevent things from escalating that much, many IT support providers in London are investing heavily in data security with the aim of preventing access of sensitive data by cybercriminals.

Understanding the Dark Web

The dark web is a highly encrypted part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible via special browsers or configurations. This part of the net allows users to use anonymity, a factor that makes it easy for cybercriminals to involve in illegal deals. One of the most common criminal activities done in this part of the web is buying and selling of stolen data. This data is then used to steal identity and commit fraud. Criminals can also use data bought on the dark web to perpetrate crimes and fund criminal organisations.

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How Darks Web Scanning Protects You

By carrying out a dark web scan, your IT support provider is able to detect any possible cyber threats. It also exposes any stolen data such as business accounts, emails, and personal information. These scans usually run 24/7 and focus on scanning through suspicious chat rooms, blogs, private networks, and forums.

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To identify whether you have been exposed to the dark web, the scanners search for your IP address and businesses’ email domain. In case the scan detects that your credentials have been exposed, your IT support provider will immediately focus on determining what caused this data breach. When it is not possible to reverse the data already stolen, your IT provider will try to contain the data. In addition, they will put measures to ensure the breach doesn’t happen again.

Carrying out a dark web scan is crucial since it saves your business the money spent in recovering from data breaches. Most importantly, the scans protect user information in your network. Identity theft has adverse effects since people can lose their money, hence leading to stress. For protection, contact us now at Wem Technology!