IT Consultant in London: Ransomware Threats Stepped Up in Software Service

Cybersecurity continues to be a major issue for businesses running any kind of computer or network system. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of cyber-attacks and malware variations. Ransomware, in particular, has cost individuals and businesses large sums of money. Businesses can work with an IT consultant in London to protect their systems from malicious software. The threats are only increasing with ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) programs such as Jokeroo.

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What is RaaS?

As with any software-as-a-service (SaaS), RaaS gives more people the option of making use of a software service on a subscription or affiliate-based membership. In this case, pro-hackers are designing ransomware packages that enable more people to launch ransomware attacks on unsuspecting parties.

Ransomware is a highly malicious program that effectively blocks the victim from accessing the files on their systems until a monetary ransom is paid. For a business, this could be detrimental to operations because the files locked up could pertain to customer accounts, inventory, and product information, as examples. Victims at the mercy of a ransomware attack can also be threatened with the publishing of confidential company files should the ransom not be paid.

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As ransomware threats evolve and become more sophisticated, the ways of tackling this are also improving. One example of this is the famous Grandcrab, which was able to extract huge sums of money from people, until the launch of a free descriptor for those affected.

Jokeroo as a RaaS is still in its early stages but is already gaining alarming traction. The service offers three memberships tiers allowing budding cyber-attackers various options to launch their efforts. The Jokeroo platform allows hackers to keep track of their infected victims, their IP address and location, as well as whether or not they have paid.

What Can You Do?

Businesses need to implement robust cybersecurity plans to guard against the growing onslaught of threats. The threat of ransomware to business systems is far from over, but with an experienced IT consultant in London, various safeguards can be enforced to protect your business.

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Proactive monitoring of your network, updated firewalls, and access management tools are all important ways to withstand various cyber attacks. Security awareness training is also important to help your team keep up with the latest threats and equip them to identify suspicious emails and requests.

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