IT Services in London: The Merits of VoIP for Small Businesses and Startups

Small business owners/managers and those spearheading startups are constantly on the prowl to reduce costs while heightening efficiency. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one such way to decrease costs without sacrificing productivity. This phone system benefits small businesses in a variety of ways. However, plenty of startup and small business owners are unwilling to take the VoIP plunge simply because it is relatively new and different. Below, our IT services team in London explains why every small business owner and manager should consider VoIP.

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VoIP Boosts Your Company's Versatility

Install VoIP at your small business or startup and your enterprise will become that much more versatile. VoIP providers do more than merely offer a means of communicating with those at a distant point on the map. This technology is usually accompanied by remote services clients can access regardless of location. This way, if you or one of your employees are in an area with a web connection, it is possible to field calls as necessary.

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VoIP Reduces Costs

VoIP will cut your costs without sacrificing call clarity or operational efficiency. Compare the cost of VoIP with that of a traditional phone service and you will find VoIP is much cheaper. Furthermore, there is no need to purchase hardware when using VoIP. You simply need a web connection along with a functional microphone for VoIP to serve its intended purpose. If you are even slightly intimidated by this technology, rest easy as our IT services team in London is here to help clear up any confusion that might arise. Do not let the foreign nature of this high-tech phone service scare you away. Once VoIP is up and running at your business, you will question why you waited so long to make the transition.

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VoIP Features

VoIP has its fair share of bells and whistles. This technology allows for conference calls, the transmission of voicemail transcripts directly to email and plenty more. Take a moment to envision how nice it would be to see what a customer desires without having to listen to the entirety of a voicemail message. This is just one example of the many VoIP features that improve operations for small businesses as well as startups.

Our IT services team in London at Wem Technology can help your small business or startup with VoIP and other tech. Contact us today if you have any questions about VoIP, IT or other tech matters. Reach out to us.