IT Services in London: Minimise Security Risks by Understanding the Main Sources

The rate at which companies are being hacked should send out some alarm bells. Large companies such as Sony and Home Depot are among the list of casualties. To bring it closer to home, in about half of all cyber-attack cases, small and medium-sized businesses are the targets. Hackers use a variety of methods and attacks to gain access to company networks and systems. They do this to exploit confidential information often for monetary gain. IT services providers in London assist businesses in evaluating the different risks and putting the right measures in place. Apart from technology loopholes, end-users are near the forefront of many cyber-attacks.

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Cyber-Attack Entryways

When evaluating the risk of an attack, it is vital to look broadly at all the different kinds of attacks. Hackers do not limit themselves to one approach when they are determined to gain access to a company’s network for confidential data. One of the most common forms of attack is through some kind of malware. Ransomware is a common example, and this has caused a lot of havoc and losses to the companies and individuals who were affected.

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Cyber-attacks and data breaches can easily happen when there is a hardware failure or a technological loophole. If firewalls and other monitoring software are not routinely updated, for example, this can make a business susceptible to an attack. Patch management is an important part of any cybersecurity policy.

Access management is also a vital component of keeping your business safe. By limiting who has access to what parts of your company network and data and keeping these controls up-to-date, you can eliminate a lot of risks. IT services providers in London specialise in providing businesses with the well-rounded protective measures required in this age of sophisticated hacking.

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The end-user also plays an important role in any cyber-security plan. The human factor cannot be ignored from the equation even with the most technologically advanced security systems and software. Human error, negligence, and even malicious intent must also be taken into consideration. In fact, hackers frequently target company employees through phishing emails. The goal of these kinds of attacks is to imitate a legitimate source and get users to disclose sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and even credit card information. This is why ongoing employee education and security awareness is vital.

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