How IT Support Firms in London Can Help You Avoid Failing in the Cloud

Cloud computing offers so many attractive benefits that you might wonder why all business hasn’t already migrated away from on-site IT. In reality, however, engineering the migration can be a big challenge. There are some simple ways to avoid getting mired in a mess when moving to the cloud and it starts with the right IT support in London.

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Too often, the application of technology focuses on the technology itself, rather than on the people involved in the application. After all, whether it’s the end users who will arguably benefit from a technology or the people tasked with making that technology available to users, the configuration, provisioning, support, and use of any technology still depends on people.

Powerful Partners

Nothing is more important in your first foray into the cloud than having powerful partners. You need the power of resource strength, expertise, experience, and availability. Those powers need to be defined in ways that can be mapped across to your needs. Once your organization has amassed its own pool of resources in terms of people skills and experience, you’ll be less dependent on your partners. Initially, however, you’ll want the best IT support in London you can find.

Know Your People

You may already place huge trust in your in-house IT team. They may have proven themselves countless times with your on-site systems. Cloud computing differs from in-house IT in many ways, however. Eventually, your own people can develop the requisite skill and experience. When migrating to the cloud, though, unless you know your people have actually done it before, lend them a helping hand by hiring in proven expertise.

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Understand Users’ Needs

Going from in-house to cloud computing isn’t simply a process of using SaaS to replicate your in-house systems. Done properly, it is a much more rational and rationalized process. It starts by understanding the needs of your users. From that understanding, you can specify your functional requirements for cloud computing.

Staging and Testing

There is no ‘big switch’ when it comes to cloud migration. Functional staging and testing are of paramount importance. Strategies the way forward and take things step-by-step. Be prepared for things to go wrong but approach the migration in a way that means you can handle the occasional minor hiccup. Don’t expect your entire system to move to the cloud in one fell swoop.

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The conceptualization of cloud migration is an important aspect of a healthy move. At Wem Technology, we understand the concepts and the reality. To learn more about our IT support services in London, get in touch with us today.