IT Support in London: Benefits of Identity and Access Management for Your Cybersecurity

In today’s business environment, IT support services in London would not be complete without looking into cybersecurity. Even the threat landscape has evolved drastically. Apart from perimeter setups and defence in depth, the user identity is also taking centre stage now. For a more seamless activity, businesses are now adhering to strict identity and access management (IAM).

Today, there are tools that can detect anomalous activity in real time, allowing only authorised access to accounts. This is, of course, beneficial to businesses that hold sensitive or personal information. This means that IAM is very crucial for all security personnel as they use proactive tools to head off threats.

Security in Flux

IAM is taking centre stage in most companies as business owners realise the importance of access management in ensuring user security. IT and security pros no longer have control of device apps, and as such, what is left to control is the user in terms of identity and data access.

With the concept of IT outsourcing in London, mobile devices and mobile strategy, businesses are now adopting the cloud and this makes IAM even more important a function. However, the main concern is whether the IAM is functioning or just at rest mode for many businesses and who is really in charge? While IAM may not have an owner per se, your IT support provider in London bears more responsibility.

Nevertheless, businesses must apply more multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all accounts to provide stronger security. Authorised access largely fosters the growth of the IAM market worldwide. It is expected that the trend will continue growing, as more businesses will be adopting Identity and Access Management.


Businesses should make cybersecurity a priority. If you cannot control the applications on devices, at least you can control access to information provided through IAM. If you would like to learn more about the IAM strategy and more ways to maintain cybersecurity for businesses, contact an IT support provider in London such as Wem Technology.

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