How an IT Support Company in London Can Save Your Business from Natural Disasters

Using the experience of an IT support company in London can make sure your business is safe if it is hit by a natural disaster. The UK is mostly at risk from flooding, but anything from a freak accident to terrorist attacks or disgruntled employees can mean you lose your IT infrastructure and ultimately your company. The most important thing is to make sure your disaster recovery plan can keep you safe in the event that you lose your systems, and consideration about whether to keep your infrastructure in-house or on the cloud should be a part of that.

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Why the Cloud Could Help

If your company suffers because of our increasingly irrational weather patterns, your IT system may be vulnerable. Your buildings could be at the mercy of floods, fire or even an extended power outage. If your servers are all in-house, then clearly any of these could result in your systems being unavailable for a long period, which leaves you in danger of losing customers and your livelihood.

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If you enlist the help of an IT company in London that has experience with the cloud, they can see if transferring your systems would be beneficial to you. As far as disaster recovery goes, the cloud is undoubtedly more secure than your in-house servers and is run with several levels of redundancy. Therefore, if the same natural disaster were to hit the data centre that houses the cloud’s servers, you can be assured that they will also be hosting a duplicate of your systems elsewhere for you to access. This results in very little downtime and greater protection in the event of a disaster.

Other Issues

An IT support company in London also warns of the possibility of other disasters befalling your systems if you keep them in-house. If any of your employees were to become unhappy with your company and want to cause problems, it will be easier if you have your servers close to hand. Hackers also find it simpler to break in to smaller company’s systems; as invariably, their security budget will not be as large as that utilised by the cloud providers.

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If you would like to learn more about the cloud and how an IT support company in London can help you prepare for recovery in the wake of a natural disaster, get in touch with us at Wem Technology. We are based in the capital and have years of experience with cloud computing. Contact us now to see if a move to the cloud is right for you and to get our help with your disaster recovery plans.