How IT Support in London Can Virtualise Your Business

Virtualisation has become more than a tech buzz term--- it's now a way of life for the most state-of-the-art IT support firms in London. The reason virtualisation has become more common among businesses is that it provides an effective backup system and lets you save plenty of server space. The technology allows you to stack multiple operating systems on one physical server.

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Here is how virtualisation by IT companies in London is revolutionising the workplace:

Industries Embracing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Several industries now use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a computing solution, since it allows employees to work remotely and share the same operating system. Professionals who work from home, such as doctors, lawyers, and financial advisors, use virtual desktops for networking with other partners and vendors.

Using a virtual desktop is similar to using a regular desktop computer. A virtualised environment is best suited for teams of people working together. It's ideal for online collaboration between two entities from different parts of the world or a hospital in which a doctor must communicate with a records clerk on a different floor.

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Healthcare professionals use virtualisation due to the fact it can be compartmentalised, meaning different departments can be separated on the network. The HR department, for example, will not have access to confidential patient records. Virtualisation allows you to segment a network so that only certain people can access certain files. It's essential for healthcare professionals to adhere to laws about privacy to avoid heavy fines.

Simplifying Rooms Full of Computers

Your company can enjoy enormous savings in hardware and energy by working with IT support firms in London to create a virtual infrastructure. Since you can stack several computing systems on one physical server, you will not need to purchase or maintain as much hardware and you will save server space. You'll also use less electric power. These factors add up to significant savings over time.

Once you adopt the virtual model, you will no longer need to buy a computer for each employee. You might even decide to let them bring their own devices for maximum savings. The concept of a roomful of company-owned computers, even in academic institutions, is becoming a memory of the past. But even if you decide to purchase several workstations, each one will deliver a consistent experience. VDI is a reliable solution for managing several desktop accounts on a minimal number of devices.

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Teaming up with an experienced IT support group in London is one of the boldest steps a company can make toward modernisation, which includes virtualisation. Contact us at Wem Technology to learn more about how to protect your business and create a more productive atmosphere.