IT Support in London: The Importance of MDM Security

Nowadays, it seems like mobile computing devices are ubiquitous. Though old-fashioned desktop computers will likely still be used for years to come, smartphones and tablets have clearly saturated the mainstream. Below, our IT support team in London explains the importance of digital security with a specific focus on mobile device management (MDM) security.

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MDM Security Decreases the Risk in Devices Lacking Security

Mobile devices certainly make the workplace more efficient, yet they also pose a risk, especially if they are not properly secured. Sadly, vendors sometimes delay operating system updates. Some apps used on mobile devices are laden with spyware and/or malware that can lead to unauthorised access to company data. The bottom line is, if your company's mobile phones are outdated or poorly secured, it is only a matter of time until there is a security breach. Our IT company in London is here to fortify your digital security including the security of your mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other computing devices.

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MDM Provides You with Control

Instead of letting employees do whatever they please with their work phones and computers, it is better to set an MDM policy. MDM empowers business owners and managers to control how people use computing devices in an attempt to protect information essential to business success. If necessary, blacklist specific apps that pose a risk to your business. Our IT support team in London can help you implement and enforce MDM rules in your workplace.

A Clear View of the Fleet

If your business does not have an MDM policy in place, you are essentially operating without any knowledge of what your employees are doing on their computing devices during the workday. There is nothing wrong with overseeing employee use of computing devices while at work. After all, these workers are being paid to do actual work rather than surf the web or expose the company to digital threats through careless web activity.

Make it clear to employees that their web activity might be observed while at work or when using work computers. Be clear as to which websites and apps are unacceptable, block all potential digital threats and you will stand a better chance of enjoying continuous business operations without interruption.

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MDM is a Selling Point to Potential Clients

Clients will lose faith in your business unless you protect their data and communications. Make it clear you have top-notch digital protections including an MDM policy, and it will be easier to convert prospects into paying customers. In many cases, stressing your security protocols when recruiting a new client has the potential to make the difference between winning new business and losing it to the competition. Customers are well aware of the fact that most companies in your industry offer fairly similar services, so a focus on digital security has the potential to sway their favour to your business.

MDM security might seem fairly minor, yet it really does have the potential to make or break your business. At Wem Technology, our IT support team in London is here to help you develop and implement the perfect MDM security and overarching digital security for your unique organisation. Get in touch for more details.