How Do IT Support Providers in London Recognise Cyberattacks?

Keeping your sensitive data safe should be a priority, and IT support providers in London can help you secure your systems from cyberattacks. It is impossible for a company to completely prevent every single threat, but there are ways you can prepare for them and limit any damage they may cause. But firstly, what form do cyberattacks take and how should you protect yourself?

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Types of Cyberattacks

Some attacks are obvious for example, ransomware where your data is locked away from you and only released upon payment. Or a DDoS attack, where the hackers flood your bandwidth with illicit traffic causing your systems to grind to a halt. The hardest to find are the ones that seek to infiltrate your systems quietly and thoroughly. These are generally called APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) and have a set procedure for carrying out their attack.

APT Framework

IT support companies in London have noticed a pattern in the way these APTs strike. They begin with an identifying step where they establish vulnerabilities and how best to circumvent any barriers. The second step will take advantage of this knowledge and the virus will attempt various different ways of infiltrating the system.

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Once in, it spreads throughout the IT infrastructure and works its way into different resources installing additional malicious programs in an effort to maximise the damage. At this stage, it is a simple procedure to extract sensitive data for nefarious means, and this can even be carried out gradually so that any monitoring technology is unaware of the breach.

How to Respond

Protecting yourself completely from hackers is often not possible due to the frequently new and inventive ways that are constantly being discovered. The best way to minimise the risk is to set up a task force to identify critical systems and create a plan to follow if an attack is discovered. This should run hand in hand with a disaster recovery plan so that if a breach is found, decisions can be made for containing the damage or restoring systems to an earlier point.

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If you are worried in any way about the threat of cyberattacks and how insecure your data may be, you should get in touch with an IT support company in London such as Wem Technology. We seek to put your mind at rest with regard to hacking or cyber threats, and our IT experts can either advise you on the correct procedures or take over the protection of your sensitive data. Contact us today to see how we can make your life easier and less stressful, while you concentrate on making your business a success.