IT Support Solutions in London: Simple Tips for Implementing IAM

Identity and access management or IAM can be defined as a framework or system for managing digital identities in a network. Without proper management of user identities, there will be insufficient access control to your commercial computers and systems. Therefore, it is important to plan on incorporating reliable IAM solutions with the help of an experienced IT support provider in London. Here are central guidelines to help you get started:

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Evaluate Your Susceptibility

Most people do not understand how the lack of identity and access management system makes their network vulnerable. Consequently, there are no precautions taken against breaches that exploit poor authentication measures. Ideally, if your managed IT services provider in London installs firewalls in your network, you can keep unauthorised users from your network.

The firewalls will monitor and filter communications and keep out unusual traffic. However, if you do not have strict authentication measures, a hacker can steal credentials and pretend to be one of the network users. This will provide access to confidential data. Therefore, you should objectively evaluate your authentication solutions and identify loopholes.

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Choose IAM Solutions

Once the vulnerabilities of user authentication are identified, it is important to choose the best IAM solutions to improve security in your commercial network. There are different options to consider incorporating, but the right solution will depend on diverse factors, such as your business structure, number of users, and level of security required.

For the best results, you should discuss your concerns with an IT support provider in London. The popular IAM solutions include multiple-factor authentication, single sign-on setups, micro certification and regular password resets. Also, consider establishing different privilege levels for network users. This system will allow information access on a need-to-know basis.

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Enforce the Solutions

Identity and access management must be enforced for ideal results. In simple terms, you cannot rely on simple policies to enforce proper security in your network. For instance, regular password changes can help in minimising the illegal access of credentials. However, if there is no enforcement measure to ensure that the users change their passwords, the policy will be useless.

Therefore, once you decide on the best IAM solutions, it is important to acquire the appropriate software and systems and integrate them into your network. An IAM system should have the necessary tools for authenticating users, controlling access privileges, managing user identities and monitoring the activities in the network which could indicate illicit use of credentials.

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