Keep Your Collaboration Tools Completely Secure with Managed Services in London

A number of collaboration tools have emerged as an extremely helpful means of connecting employees, clients, and other relevant parties from afar. If you are uncertain as to which is ideal for your unique organisation, our managed services team in London will help you select the perfect one.

As an example, Microsoft's Teams Chat empowers employees to work collaboratively in a remote fashion, bringing outside partners into important discussions. The only issue is individuals using this tool might work from an insecure space or there might be endpoints with insufficient security.

Should You Worry about the Security of Collaboration Tools?

There is a trade-off with the flexibility provided by today's tech breakthroughs; the more flexible your business becomes with tech advances such as Microsoft's Teams, the more concerned you become about security.

Microsoft Office 365 suite's Teams is one of the more popular collaborative tools. This service is much more secure than most imagine. Two-factor authentication is a critically important component of this security. This multi-stage authentication relies on a password as well as a secondary object such as a mobile device or email address to verify an individual's identity. This approach is considerably safer than a simple password, as passwords can be stolen with ease.

Furthermore, the best collaboration tools rely on encryption to safeguard files. Encrypting files ensures data cannot be accessed without the proper encryption code. This way, if the information is stolen it will not be legible and the data cannot be compromised. If you have any questions about data encryption, our managed services team in London can clarify your confusion and/or concern.

Authentication, Permissions, and Certification

Authentication services guard against information being seen by those who do not have the proper permissions for access. Authentication is also important as it provides accountability by guaranteeing access is identified according to each unique user.

Permissions also play an important role in digital security when using collaboration tools. Each unique user has a specific permission for data access. If an account is accessed by a malevolent individual, little if any data will be reachable. Focus on permission management and you will greatly reduce risk.

Furthermore, the best collaboration tools have compliance standards for controlling data. As an example, such certification and compliance are built directly into Microsoft Teams.


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