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Keep Your Mobile Workforce Connected with IT Support in London

Tech advances are making it that much easier for mobile employees to work just as effectively, if not more effectively, than those seated at traditional office desks. In fact, remote working is now becoming commonplace across the globe. Our IT support team in London has identified four tips for improved mobile performance management.

Make Security Simple

Restricting access to networks is important, yet it should not come at the expense of mobile workers, so you need a managed services expert in London to help implement a flexible mobile strategy. Employees should not have to jump through hoops to access the network. Strive for a balance between simplicity and security and mobile workers will be able to connect with efficiency.

Study Performance

GPS location information is essential for field workers. If the reporting tools that use GPS are not functioning, workers will find it difficult or even impossible to plan routes, schedule efficiently and work effectively. Utilise performance analytics and you will be able to see exactly what your mobile workforce experiences, for example obtaining access to key data and viewing coverage maps.

Exercise Control

Mobile performance management solutions empower you to block risky Wi-Fi networks and personal apps. If you are even slightly suspicious either poses a security risk, block them. Our IT support team in London is here to help you identify and thwart such threats.


The hottest apps can certainly enhance productivity for those who work on-the-go, yet these apps also carry risk. Such apps have the potential to create stability challenges which cause crashes when mobile workers are working remotely. Be wary of apps that have not been tested, and it might even make sense to block apps of heavy bandwidth to streamline the flow of data amidst a weak signal.

Once your employees are connected they will be able to work on-the-go without sacrificing efficiency. At Wem Technology, our IT support team in London is here to help your team fully embrace remote working and ultimately prove to be much more productive. Contact us to learn more.

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