Should You Keep Your Technology On-Premises or Consider the Cloud?

When businesses start out, they often keep their technology on-premises in the form of servers and hardware necessary to run their company’s IT services. As a company expands, however, the amount of computing power and the associated maintenance can become expensive. This is when many businesses consider moving all or some of their systems to the cloud in order to simplify matters, but is it the right thing to do?

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How Does the Cloud Benefit Businesses?

Costs and Convenience

Keeping your technology on-premises is more expensive than simply the initial cost of the hardware. As well as maintenance and general support, there are considerations with regard to keeping the hardware current and having the most efficient and up-to-date equipment. The cloud will have a similar arrangement in that it keeps your infrastructure on servers in an office-like environment. However, these are connected to the internet allowing not only a similar set-up to the one you already have but allows access from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.


You may be worried about reliability, as we all know how a problem with IT systems causes reduced productivity amongst staff and can dent customer relations if they are unable to access the systems they need to. Luckily, the cloud providers will have dedicated IT professionals making sure that your systems are available in the event of a problem. They run the systems with a high level of redundancy so that if there are any parts that are experiencing issues, you will still be able to access your infrastructure.

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Data Security

This high level of redundancy can also work well as far as data safety is concerned. The whole system is monitored closely, data is continually backed up and the providers have the highest level of security features to prevent incursion and cybercrime. In the unlikely event of such an issue, your systems can be back online again very quickly. Natural disasters such as flood, fire, and hurricanes can wipe out a company’s computer systems and sometimes lead to the closure of the business. With all your important data held safely on the cloud, any disasters occurring in the vicinity of your offices will not affect your IT systems and your staff will be able to access them from wherever they are.

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If transferring your technology from on-premises servers to the cloud sounds like it could be of benefit to you, you should contact a managed services firm in London like us at Wem Technology. Contact us today to find out more about what cloud computing can do for you and your company. Our IT experts are on hand to explain everything.