Key Considerations for Success with Office 365 Migration in London

Microsoft’s cloud services productivity and applications suite Office 365 is rapidly becoming a primary tool for enterprises of all sizes to migrate away from the cost and complexity of on-premises and desktop office tools. Follow these key considerations below and you’ll be on your way to success with Office 365 migration in London.

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Spec the Office 365 that Meet Your Needs

There is no ‘one size fits all’ deployment of Office 365. Microsoft’s licensing for Office 365 is tiered, with different levels of services and functionality available with each size of subscription. In addition, a range of features and options can be configured to provide different flavours of Office for your organisation.

This means it is important to draw up the specification for Office 365 migration in London that is in-line with the exact needs of your users. Ask questions such as:

  • Do your users need basic Office features or more sophisticated deployments of enterprise email and communication tools?
  • How do regulatory, compliance, and commercial requirements or pressures affect the need for rights management? What level of archiving is needed?
  • What different styles of work do your employees use? Are there different levels of toolset needed by various staff members?

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Carefully Consider the Costs

Moving to cloud computing solutions such as Office 365 can bring many fantastic financial benefits, from lower direct costs and more flexible pricing, to reduce maintenance overheads and superior security. However, costs can rise in some areas, so bear these in mind:

  • What training will your people require?
  • What will migration cost?
  • Will network bandwidth demand rise?

Explore the Rich Possibilities

Migration is always a bit of a headache. Given the inevitable upheaval that moving to a new system entails, don’t fail to exploit the full potential of Office 365. Make that move really pay off. While developing the specification we considered in point 1, above, make sure your managed service provider (MSP) advises you on associated services from a London IT company that can be integrated with your Office 365 deployment, such as:

  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Identity management
  • DaaS (Desktop as a Service)
  • Azure computing
  • Voice and connectivity options
  • Managed backup and security services

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Any migration of corporate IT systems is a big project, even if Office 365 migration in London does provide a great mix of ease and power. Apply the points presented here and you should find your migration goes more smoothly. At Wem Technology, we can help you understand the options better. Get in touch with us today.