Keys to Establishing Cloud Services in London

As demand continues to grow for cloud services in London, businesses must look at three options for planning their infrastructure. These options are the cloud, local hardware, and hybrids. Here's a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages to these options so that you can make an informed decision about cloud migration.

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Maintaining the Traditional Server Model

The most familiar approach to IT infrastructure for businesses is the on-premises server-based model. This traditional model is still favoured by many firms because it gives them maximum control of their technology, whereas a cloud-based operation involves using third-party servers for computing. Local infrastructure is still a viable model if you have on-site support to fix technical issues. The main problem with this model is that it's potentially the costliest, since it relies on using local hardware. Another problem is that downtime can be severe if all your data is kept on local servers.

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Why the Cloud is Booming

Countless organisations have abandoned local hardware in favour of cloud services in London due to lower upfront costs and accelerated workflows. Instead of buying your company rows of computers you can allow employees to bring their own mobile devices to access your network at any time, even after hours. Cloud computing has opened the door for not only remote work, but also online collaboration from locations that may be many miles apart. This approach allows for more work flexibility, which can boost employer loyalty.

If you decide on moving to the cloud your next decision will be to make it either a public or private cloud. A public cloud involves using a third-party data centre, in which employees have access to your data and you may share a server with a completely different business. A private cloud is considered more secure since you retain control of all your equipment and data at your on-site facility. The challenges with hosting your own servers are expenses on machines, energy, and office space.

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The Hybrid Alternative

Instead of deciding on a local or cloud infrastructure, you can experience the best of both worlds by choosing a hybrid solution. Putting your most critical data on a local server keeps the data private, while backing it up on an off-site server to ensure data can be restored if your office suffers a disaster. The hybrid model will save you money on storage if you store less critical data in a free public cloud.


Moving toward cloud services in London is becoming increasingly common for businesses that seek maximum efficiency. Contact us here at Wem Technology to learn more about how the cloud can make your business more productive.