London IT Consulting: The Security and Productivity of Telecommuting

More and more companies are offering employees the option to telecommute as we transition to a society dominated by technology. There is no reason to pay the overhead costs of a massive office in the form of rent, utilities, cleaning and beyond when employees can work on their own at home. If you are interested in decreasing costs through telecommuting, our London IT consulting team can help you. Let's take a look at how to implement an effective and safe telecommuting program.

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Telecommuting Security

Businesses that would like to launch their own telecommuting program should understand the potential for security vulnerabilities. Security risks must be identified and regularly assessed so the appropriate policies can be developed. Of particular importance is the matter of which employees are permitted to telecommute. Working from home, a coffee shop, hotel or another location will certainly prove highly flexible and efficient, but the appropriate safeguards must be implemented in order for data transmissions to be truly safe. When in doubt, meet with our London IT consulting team for assistance with your telecommuting security needs. Once you are certain your telecommuters can transmit data in a completely safe manner, you will feel that much more comfortable letting these trusted employees work outside of the office.

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The Right Tools for Telecommuting

Telecommuters need the appropriate tools to work in a truly effective and secure manner. In particular, encryption is essential for data security. Smartphone applications must have the proper encryption, or their use for business purposes will inevitably put your valued data at risk. Apps used for recording files must be encrypted as well. Two-step authentication, dynamic tokens that change when VPN access is requested and personal identification numbers (PINs) are necessary to keep data fully secure if a hack occurs or a computer is pilfered.

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Provide Telecommuting Employees with the Proper Training

Safeguarding company and client data is becoming that much more of a pressing concern as digital attacks increase in frequency. If your telecommuters are not properly trained and educated about digital threats and the protocols for safe telecommuting, your business will prove highly vulnerable. Business owners and managers must be hyper-aware of the constant threat hackers pose to their headquarters' equipment as well as the computing devices used by telecommuting employees. Provide telecommuters with ongoing training and they will have the knowledge necessary to preserve the integrity of your highly sensitive data.

Telecommuting will only continue to increase in prevalence in the years ahead as we rapidly transition to a tech-centred society. If you need any assistance with your telecommuting needs, get in touch with our London IT consulting team.