London IT Consulting: The Power of Hosted Virtual Desktops

If you're looking for ways to further leverage your outsourced London IT consulting team, then you may want to consider a hosted virtual desktop (HVD), also referred to as cloud-hosted virtual desktop, and also desktop as a service (DaaS). In HVD, users access apps and databases on a cloud provider's remote servers instead of accessing them on their own computers. These servers use a hypervisor, which is a program that creates simulations of a standard desktop environment in order to form virtual machines. To the users, the experience is no different from using a standard desktop in which apps and databases are locally stored.

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Furthermore, settings are configured and access controls are defined according to the users' needs in HVD. This is to ensure that security is maintained at all times even when it's web-based.

Companies can enjoy many benefits from investing in HVD, some of which are:

Bigger Savings

With HVD, you don't have to buy and maintain high-end computers and software licences just to stay competitive in your industry. A London IT support provider can take care of that aspect including the necessary upgrades; all you'll need to do is to invest in affordable thin-client devices that can easily connect to HVD.

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Better Productivity

Your employees can work more efficiently when they have access to the full computing power of a desktop wherever they are. They just need a compatible mobile device so that they can work remotely and have all the tools they need at their disposal. This option enables flexibility as well, something that more and more employees are expecting from employers nowadays.

Stronger Security

Partnering with a London IT consulting company helps as they adhere to enterprise-grade security standards, so you can be assured that sensitive information is kept safe. Backups are also regularly tested and readily available, so in case of an unexpected downtime, data can be quickly restored to resume normal operations.

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Tighter Control

It's harder to manage and maintain control over multiple physical desktops. But with HVD, everything is cenralised, including data. If you need to adjust access to the HVD or the data it contains, you can do so instantly with Active Directory. That's much easier than adjusting physical desktops one by one.

Given these benefits, don't let your company miss out on HVD any longer. If you're interested to know more, your chosen provider of London IT consulting can help you. At Wem Technology, we are more than happy to answer your questions and assess your current processes to determine what your company needs. Contact us now for more information.