Looking to Boost Workplace Productivity? Here’s How a Managed Services Provider in London Can Help You

One reason why businesses turn to a managed services provider (MSP) in London is to create a more efficient operation that cuts costs while increasing output. Not only can an MSP strengthen your security, but it can also set your company up to do more work with fewer people. Here are some of the ways that an MSP can help boost productivity in the workplace:

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Factors Slowing Down Worker Productivity

  • Getting sidetracked by non-work websites
  • Clicking a phishing email that unleashes malware leading to downtime
  • Distractions from smartphone calls
  • Playing video games on a mobile device
  • Co-workers socialising frequently instead of working
  • Insufficient security that makes infrastructure vulnerable

Analysis of how workers use data will help shape policies on what they can and cannot do on your network. Setting clear policies alone may have a positive effect on worker productivity.

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How to Increase Productivity

The key for a managed services provider in London to boost your company's productivity involves a combination of training and technology. Your MSP can play an important role as a mentor by offering security awareness training. Explaining how hackers target unsuspecting workers to open nefarious emails reduces the threat of a cyber attack, since many breaches are caused by employee error. One of the important clues to look for is an email URL that resembles a popular brand but is off by one character.

An MSP monitors systems and analyses internet usage reports to identify how data is being used. It will uncover which sites and applications workers are visiting, helping you decide which online destinations to ban from workers. Many companies ban sites that emphasise porn, games or copyright infringement. Content filtering software can also block digital music and video downloads. Restricting access to sites that disrupt business activity is an essential strategy to boost productivity.

Another step to raise productivity is to build strong security layers around your infrastructure. Installing a firewall will help make it difficult for hackers to penetrate your network. Firewalls also allow you to filter out unwanted sites, especially those with pop-up ads.

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Finally, your MSP can help you find software solutions that automate redundant activity, which can help cut down on staff size or free up time for workers to focus on activity that machines can't, such as closing deals. Adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy creates a more flexible work environment and can motivate workers, as well as inspire loyalty.


Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable managed services provider in London is an effective driver for boosting business productivity these days. Contact us at Wem Technology to learn more about how we can make your business more productive to increase your bottom line.