Managed IT Services in London: What Does a Phishing Attack Look Like?

Managed IT Services in London: What Does a Phishing Attack Look Like?

When someone hears the word "phishing", they often picture someone sitting on a dock with a fishing pole. Of course, phishing is not the same as fishing, though both share similar traits, according to managed IT services experts in London. They both try to get someone (or something) to take the bait.

It's easy to know when someone is fishing, but can you spot when someone is phishing for a way to infiltrate your company?

What Exactly Is Phishing?

Phishing works by convincing the target that the hacker is actually someone else. If the target of the attack takes the bait, the hacker stands to gain valuable information or access to the company's network.

For example, your A/P person opens what appears to be an email from your biggest vendor with an attachment. That attachment is not an invoice, however; it’s actually malware that starts spreading throughout your network. That's a successful phishing attack.

Spotting a Phishing Attack

The two most common types of phishing attacks, according to managed IT services experts in London, are:

  • Deceptive - This is where an attacker sends out thousands of emails posing as a bank or other common company. All it takes is for a few people to click on the link inside the email to make the attack successful.
  • Spear - This kind of phishing attack is focussed on an individual. The attacker gathers specific information about that person then creates a focussed attack. The A/P incursion above is a good example of this.

There are generally two ways to spot a phishing attack:

  • The sender's email address doesn't make sense. For example, the emails claim to be from a bank but the sender's email is a Google account.
  • The links in the email don't make sense. For example, instead of linking to the bank's website the link goes somewhere completely different.

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