Managed IT Services in London: Understanding Device as a Service (DaaS)

Managed IT services providers in London maintain a cutting-edge stance when it comes to technology. In fact, it is the core of any MSP to be cutting-edge. This makes them competitive, and it makes it possible for clients to operate at a greater competitive level as well. One of the newest developing services beginning to substantially affect the market today is DaaS. Many may think they're familiar with DaaS--and they may be, but there are multiple definitions of this acronym. DaaS previously stood for "Desktop as a Service" and indicated a sort of "floated" network interface solution. However, the new "DaaS" applies to "devices."

Device as a Service (DaaS) support is basically HaaS, or Hardware as a Service that comes with management. Yes, you can lease hardware with DaaS, but support is also available for devices as it becomes necessary. This saves a lot of money. Basically, it's giving the outsourced "cloud" treatment to end-user devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, personal workstations and many more.

Notable advantages of device-based infrastructural provision and support under the burgeoning DaaS model include:

  • Centralised, expanded solutions in security that are easier to keep cutting-edge
  • Less complicated state and federal regulatory compliance solutions
  • Cohesive operational management in a swiftly transitioning industry


You must determine whether or not DaaS is right for you. Many businesses are becoming interested in managed IT services in London because of the latest solutions and security with device management. Plus, you'll be able to do more for less and get maximised device utility.

With older infrastructural models, when a computer began to reach the end of its operational life cycle, it would have to remain in use until a new one was purchased and configured. With DaaS, that device can be switched for a new one waiting "in the wings" through your DaaS service. The old one can be returned to the DaaS supplier, while the new one is used. Since everything is hosted through the cloud, there's no loss of time, since the newer device is configured for the employee.


There's such a thing as shared liability--this is especially visible in healthcare. In healthcare, if a practice is out of liability, they get fined and their MSP gets fined, too. With DaaS, that concern is essentially gone. The prerogative of compliance in terms of security rests on the shoulders of the tech provider. So, DaaS eliminates not just the headache of device acquisition and maintenance, but legal needs that come along with that.

Cohesive Operational Management

When it comes to upgrading operations, you're either going to have to continuously keep your finger on the pulse of coming changes or face competitive disadvantages. With DaaS, again, that comes built in automatically.

Upgrading Your Operations

A managed IT services provider in London like Wem Technology can help you learn more about DaaS. For support and information on technology that is cutting-edge and expansive and reduces the complication of silhouetting operations in an infrastructural way, contact our IT consultant in London. The fewer complications you have to deal with as a business, the more you can focus on designing products or services that serve clients and yield a profit.

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