Managed IT Support in London: Best Practices for Network Security

Those in-the-know in the network security industry advise running a risk assessment of operating systems. However, the results of risk assessments mean different things to different organisations. The specific network security practises optimal for your unique business hinge on your nuanced security needs and a number of other factors. When in doubt, err on the side of caution by consulting with managed IT support providers in London. Here's a quick look at some ways you can enhance your network security:

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Run Penetration and Phishing Tests

Every business should perform an external network penetration test. This test replicates an attack that targets your specific systems by way of the internet. The purpose of external network penetration tests is to pinpoint organisational vulnerabilities. Some employers go as far as testing their employees with phony phishing attacks. If your team falls for the bait, your group can benefit from the assistance of managed IT support providers in London.

Make Use of Antivirus Programs

Every computer in the office should have regularly updated antivirus programs. Furthermore, each computer should be protected by a firewall to boot. Do not assume these safeguards are enabled simply because they are downloaded. Configure each program to run automatic updates.

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Back Up Your Data

Back up your files with regularity. Daily backups are acceptable for incremental backups, yet a weekly backup will also be necessary to ensure a truly comprehensive backup is available. It will also help to test the restore function to guarantee the backups function as designed. It is also possible to back up your data on the cloud so a virtual copy is always available should anything bad happen to your tangible hard drives, servers, filing cabinets, etc.

Update Regularly

All security programs including software and operating systems should be updated as soon as updates are made available. Take advantage of the latest patches. However, there is a chance patches will no longer be available if the computer's operating system has been discontinued. This is your opportunity to transition to a new operating system that receives the latest patches for top-notch security.

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Separate Work Computers from Personal Computers

Caution employees against using work computers for personal matters. Workstations issued by the company should be strictly used for work. Otherwise, employees will inevitably install software or download something that has a virus.


If you are looking for a way to enhance your network security, rely on our trusted team of tech experts at Wem Technology. Our managed IT support team in London can help with digital security, data migration, backup and disaster recovery, cloud services, and general IT. For more information, contact us today.