Managed IT Support in London: How to Boost Your Wireless Security

Businesses of all types are tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT) for myriad solutions, ranging from pinpointing the ideal areas for new locations to gauging foot traffic and even delivering customised offers. The question is how to enhance wireless network security so IoT functions reliably and securely. After all, there is no sense in collecting and transmitting data over the web if it cannot be protected. Below, our managed IT support team in London explains how to safeguard data transmitted over your network.

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Why Wireless Security Is Becoming So Important

Between Bluetooth, IP-connected cameras and IoT sensors, devices, machines, people are now tethered to the Internet. If you are not careful, cybercriminals will snoop in on the data transmitted across your devices or even steal that information. The last thing your business needs is a PR crisis generated by a cybercriminal. Bad press really can ruin your business as clients will be less inclined to trust your company following a data breach. Here's a quick look at how to prevent such a nightmare:

Segmentation and Encryption

It will be that much easier to secure your IoT environment if you make use of encryption and network segmentation. Network segmentation ensures transmitted data is fully protected and cannot be used for attacks on the rest of the network. This approach isolates IoT machines, reducing the risk that a portion of the network will be used to damage other parts. It is also possible to limit IoT devices to a specific part of the network.

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Opt for network segmentation with the assistance of our managed IT support team in London and you will have done your part to decrease device security load. Furthermore, it will also help to employ encryption along with compartmentalised access and authentication to manage the computer network in a remote manner. Creating an encrypted virtual private network between the network and device really does help the network thwart attacks aimed to compromise the integrity of your data.

Make Use of Firewalls

Firewalls are essential lines of defence against cybercriminals. Firewalls block unauthorised access to your network while still allowing outward communication. Just be sure to have your firewall penetration tested with regularity to ensure it is effective at stopping threats from infiltrating your network.

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There is no shame asking for help, especially when it comes to today's confusing high-tech equipment. At Wem Technology, our managed IT support team in London is at your service! Whether you need help with wireless network security, IT support, managed services, backup and disaster recovery or anything else tech-related, we've got you covered. Contact us now for more information.