How Managed IT Support Providers in London Can Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware continues to spread throughout the business community as many firms turn to managed IT support providers in London. IT firms that hire top talent, keep up with cybersecurity, and build reputations based on quick response can help firms fight cybercrime. Here are ways that IT providers work to keep hackers off your network:

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Staying Ahead of Cybercriminals

Every business must now protect itself from cybercriminals, who specifically target organisations that store confidential information in large databases. They either use or sell this information to other criminals. Managed IT support providers in London can block these intruders using multiple security layers and advanced technology.

Many hackers simply rely on special software to conduct their criminal activity. Ransomware attacks, for example, can be launched with Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). As hackers learn more about penetrating sophisticated systems, it's necessary for businesses to keep upgrading to more robust security software.

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Basic Protection

The best way to prevent a ransomware attack is to educate the staff about how hackers prey upon untrained employees to click on a nefarious email through some form of deception. Once the email is clicked, it unleashes malware that freezes the user's computer as the hacker demands payment through cryptocurrency.

The more employees know about these email phishing schemes, the less likely they will fall victim to them. The scheme often involves the sender having a URL similar to a popular brand, creating a level of trust.

IT providers can regularly back up all your files so that you never have missing files. Copies of these files should exist in at least three places. Your IT provider will develop a disaster backup and recovery plan so that your business is well prepared for any disruption. Such a plan will help your firm avoid downtime.

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Preventing ransomware and other breaches can be accomplished from a combination of working with technical experts and using the latest cybersecurity technology. By investing in 24/7 automated monitoring equipment, you will be able to identify unwanted visitors on your network at all times. You should also think about adding as many other security layers as possible.


Working with a managed IT support provider in London is a reliable way to guard against the growing problem of cybercrime. A seasoned IT provider can share plenty of technical skills and knowledge for resolving problems and creating better efficiency. For more information about improving your security so that you can spend more time focusing on your business goals, contact us at WEM Technology!