Managed IT Support in London: Mobile Device Security Must Be an Early First Step

Many companies realise the benefits of providing mobile phones and tablets to their employees. This creates uniformity in terms of the software on the phones and security management. Managed IT support in London is available to provide mobile device management and other consulting services. That being said, mobile device security must be considered and implemented right at the beginning of a new phone’s useful life. Configuring these devices with the required software can be done more easily using a phone configuration tool.

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The Importance of Mobile Device Security

Every year, the news is filled with stories of data and security breaches happening in companies from across different industries. These incidents can come about through various channels, but the increased use of mobile devices in the workplace and by those working remotely is a contributing factor. These devices can be hacked, lost, or even stolen. If they are not properly protected with the latest security updates and strong password and access management tools, this poses a real cybersecurity risk.

Some organisations in London rely on managed services providers (MSPs) to assist them in managing and monitoring the use of these devices on company networks, thereby preventing and detecting security breaches. Being proactive about IT security requires an upfront investment, but it definitely saves you a lot of money, time, and worry in the long-run. Thinking about mobile device security when you initially configure and issue out new devices is the best recipe for success.

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Easy Configuration Tools

There’s no time to postpone putting the right security software on a new device. There are various well-packaged configuration tools on the market that make setting up a new device hassle-free. Managed IT support providers in London can assist you in selecting a tool that works for your company, whether you buy all your mobile devices from the same maker or not.

The beauty about configuration software is that as soon as the device is turned on for the first time, the configuration process can be launched either by Bluetooth connection or from internal settings. This can save you a lot of time setting up each new phone because the process is highly automated. On top of that, the mobile device security software and settings you may need are included in the package.

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Securing your company-issued mobile devices should never be an afterthought. To learn more about configuration tools and mobile device management, reach out to Wem Technology. We are experts in managed IT support in London, providing IT services to secure and boost your business. Contact us now!