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Managed Services in London: Top BYOD Security Risks and Solutions

The emergence of the cloud has created opportunities for businesses to implement a bring-your-own-device policy, commonly referred to as BYOD. Nearly every worker on the planet jumps at the opportunity to use his or her personal mobile device at work. Employers favour BYOD, as it reduces overhead costs. Managed services providers in London into the risks of BYOD and the best approaches to preventing data theft and other breaches.

Unprotected Passwords

The unfortunate truth is most users do not use complex passwords or change passwords at the optimal frequency when using personal devices. If such devices are protected with complex passwords, they are typically quite difficult to hack.

Using Data and Connections That Are Not Encrypted

Imagine the potential disasters that could stem from transmitting data across the public internet without safeguards or protections. Such information can be intercepted regardless of whether it is being transmitted or stored. Managed services providers in London can help you protect your valuable data regardless of whether it is on company-owned or employee-owned devices.

Stolen or Lost Personal Devices

Nearly one-quarter of all mobile devices are likely to be stolen or lost. It is not only the device that thieves are interested in; they also desire the data on these devices. The worst possible scenario is a stolen device that exposes personal and employer information to evildoers.

Malicious Apps

Countless malicious apps exist to corrupt device software, hack private data and sell stolen information on the black market. Furthermore, apps provided by companies are vulnerable to attacks if the app does not have the proper safeguards.


There are several solutions to the problems posed above. It will help to select IT companies in London that provide elite security. Invest in a mobile device management solution to enforce security protocols so you will rest easy, knowing only approved devices are allowed to access the network.

The Best BYOD Policies Are a Dialogue, as Opposed to a Monologue

Do not be afraid to include your employees in the BYOD security discussion. Consider your team's feedback, implement some of their suggestions, and you will enjoy a BYOD policy that is mutually beneficial for management, as well as employees. Above all, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that the devices in question are those of your employees. If employees do not buy into your BYOD policy, they will violate the rules or look for work elsewhere. At Wem Technology, as a managed services provider in London, we can help you establish a reasonable BYOD policy, safeguard your data and retain talented employees. Get in touch with us for more information.

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