Now You Can Have Your IT Problems Solved Before They Impact Your Business

Managed services in London provide your business with ‘round-the-clock, proactive management of your vital systems to assure you that your systems are running optimally--- all for a fixed service fee per month.

Our monitoring and management tools help diagnose and remediate IT issues whilst you sleep, thus preventing issues before they impact your network. We also install, support, and manage all the devices and PCs that connect to your server(s), as well as provide phone and on-site support, antivirus, security, backup, and a host of other IT services in London to monitor and maintain the health, speed, performance, and security of your computer network.

Our managed services in London will allow your business to benefit from:

  • Increased user satisfaction and productivity
  • Higer levels of system performance and reliability
  • Enhanced network security
  • Optimised applications and systems
  • Improved cost budgeting
  • Maximising your return on IT
  • Easier growth management

24/7 Proactive Network Monitoring

System alerts and monitoring are crucial to ensure your key systems stay up. Our Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) service includes a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed by over 700 Microsoft engineers. This allows us to identify and remediate issues before they impact you. In fact, we are regularly thanked by customers for resolving issues quickly overnight.


Patch Management

Ensuring your systems are up-to-date is one of the most important aspects of managed IT support in London in protecting your network. Most threats take advantage of vulnerabilities in Operating Systems, so we work with you to agree a patch management strategy that suits your business. Regular reporting helps to identify missing patches, which are first tested and then deployed to your servers and desktops on a scheduled basis to ensure the best protection for your business.


Scheduled Network Maintenance

Routine upgrades and server maintenance are essential to ensure your staff have access to the latest system features and benefits. Our IT services team in London can work with you to coordinate any network maintenance activities with as little downtime as possible so that user disruption is minimised.

Managed Services

Unlimited Telephone and Remote Technical Support

Take advantage of working with managed IT experts in London that get to know you, your staff and your business. It takes only seconds for your call to be answered by a friendly IT services team in London; we have some neat tools that allow us to get to work straight away to understand the issue and get your staff working as quickly as possible. Visit our IT Support page for more.

Minecraft Education Edition

Security Management

We undertake baseline security scans to detect security holes in your network, then we continuously monitor for viruses, worms and other malware to help keep you protected. See our Network Security page for more on what we do to help keep your business in business. We'll also verifiy your hourly or daily backups and identify any backup issues that need to be fixed.


Onsite Scheduled Maintenance

Server health checks are vital to make sure that systems are performing optimally. As part of our IT services in London, we can come onsite and follow a checklist which ensures your server hardware stays


Strategic Guidance & Ongoing Consultancy

Our managed I.T. services in London include strategic business reviews so we can help you to better understand and align your IT according to your business needs. We can show you audit, alert and ticket information so that you get to really understand what's going on in your network, and we'll present ideas and opportunities for cost savings, increasing performance and strategic investments.


Support for 3rd Party Vendors

Most IT companies in London refuse to assist with the other vendors you may have as part of your business needs. We're different. If we can fix an issue with third-party vendors, we will at your request, and providing it doesn't violate any arrangements you may already have. If we can't fix it, we'd be happy to liaise with any other parties on your behalf to help get the problem solved. So if you are now looking for a managed services provider in London that cares for your business, choose Wem Technology! We are ready to serve you.


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