The Merits of Backing Up Data with Cloud Services in London

The appeal of cloud data backups increases with each passing day. More and more businesses rely on the cloud for data backup for good reason: the cloud is a low-cost means of securing data, recovering data and ultimately maintaining relationships with clients, business partners and others. Let's take a closer look at backing up your data with cloud services in London.

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Scrap Those Annoying Tape Backups for the Intangible Cloud

Tape backups are frustrating to use. These backups are costly, eventually malfunction and can be stolen or lost with ease. Furthermore, anyone who has attempted to recover data from a tape system will testify to just how slow the process is. It is time to make the switch to the cloud. The cloud is invisible, so there is no risk of losing your data. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about securing your data on-site as it is stored in a virtual manner in the cloud.

The Cloud Reduces Costs

Cloud services in London have emerged as an efficient, secure, and low-cost means of storing and transferring information. This approach builds on the existing infrastructure, so there is no need to purchase and implement outrageously expensive equipment. The cloud integrates directly with the IT environment to pinpoint files for backup. Encrypted copies of the files are then transmitted to an off-site data centre, ultimately reducing the cost of ownership when contrasted with tape backup systems.

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A Highly Secure Means of Transferring Files

The files designated for backup are encrypted prior to being transmitted to the cloud vault. These files stay encrypted until they arrive at their destination. The sole decryption key is held by the client. Such protections are better than traditional data backup and recovery systems that lack encryption of any sort. Furthermore, using cloud services make it easier to comply with compliance requirements. The cloud is sustained by providers with several data centres in geographically diverse positions, ensuring no single natural disaster or other major events can affect data. The cloud approach really is all about security and efficiency through high-tech diversification.

Rapid Recovery

Backup solutions aren't very helpful unless there is a reliable means of recovering and restoring the information. Cloud backup and recovery restores information no matter where the user is located. In fact, the cloud even preserves individual files. Cloud users can even create recovery time and recovery point objectives customised to the nuances of their unique business.

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