Merits of Hybrid Cloud Services in London

Cloud computing has spilled into the mainstream surprisingly quickly. Thanks to IT support providers in London, the days of restricting data to in-house computers and private data centres are a thing of the past. It is now possible to locate assets, data and more on the cloud for easy and quick access from just about any location. Below, we take a closer look at the many benefits of hybrid cloud services.

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Enhanced Security

Safeguarding valuable data is certainly a challenge, yet today's cloud providers are going out of their way to protect customer data. Public clouds are quite open compared to private networks, making them that much more susceptible to cyberattacks as well as information leakage. As a result, plenty of organisations view the public cloud as inherently risky.

The hybrid cloud allows businesses to leverage the private cloud's security and the public cloud's services. Information stored in this private space is likely to be sent to the public cloud for analytics, applications and additional processes yet encryption guarantees the data is secured. IT personnel retain control over the private cloud's structure so they are empowered to manage user access to information throughout the organisation. If necessary, restrictive protocols will be established to determine how to best manage assets.

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Improved Control

Control is one of the primary benefits of the hybrid cloud as users are empowered to customise the private portion of the hybrid cloud in accordance with their nuanced needs. A part of the network-enabled application will remain private yet IT employees still retain considerable control. Furthermore, there is a reduced chance of being caught by surprises in terms of alterations in the cloud provider's service terms. If you have any questions about these terms or other nuances of the cloud, our cloud services experts in London are more than willing to help you.


The hybrid cloud allows for important data and operations to remain in the private cloud. However, businesses can use the remarkable power of the cloud to rapidly boost operational capacity. This way, small and medium-sized businesses can scale as necessary to compete with the big boys.

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Enhanced Speed

The hybrid cloud allows users to retain control over applications enabled on the network, hastening data access and other cloud features. The hybrid cloud really does reduce latency, ensuring data can be transmitted to its intended location with ease. The hybrid cloud also benefits from edge computing architecture to boost speed and pinpoint essential services without delay.

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